What to Pack Going Anywhere

Image result for put in backpackThis is a generic list of things I literally do not travel without. It doesn’t matter if I am going to a wedding in Arizona or a hostel in Iceland.

  1. Duh, ID. Driver’s license. Passport if needed. Easy.
  2. Credit/ATM card and 3x $20 bills – one in my “luggage,” one in my backpack, one in my coat pocket.
  3. General first aid = nail clipper (can cut stuff too), band-aids (solve most of life’s problems), small pack of tissues. Tissues can be used to clean something, wipe tears, press on a small cut until it stops bleeding, act as emergency toilet paper, etc.
  4. Do I have to say ‘cell phone’ in 2017? Don’t forget your charger and headphones.
  5. Toiletries – travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. Don’t over do it.
  6. Toothbrush and toothpaste. If I remember, floss and mouthwash (also useful in first aid or tricky situations)
  7. Extra underwear, and usually something that could pass as a swimsuit if needed.
  8. Sweatpants. No matter what.
  9. Prescription meds.
  10. Make up. Yeah I admit it, even when snowboarding, I hate those bags under my eyes.
  11. Sunglasses. Just kidding, I always forget those.
  12. Chapstick and more chapstick.
  13. Hair ties, maybe a few bobby pins.
  14. A necklace and bracelet that go with everything.
  15. A book (even if I don’t intend on reading it)
  16. A mechanical pencil. You can always find something to doodle/write ideas on, but you don’t want a pen in case you run into an insanely difficult crossword on the plane.
  17. I ALMOST FORGOT SNACKS! phew.Image result for plastic travel bag

It sounds like a lot written out like this, but ALL of this fits in one backpack pocket. And a lot of it is stuff you don’t need on daily basis – like travel size shampoo or an extra toothbrush – so just keep it in a travel pouch type thing and grab it when you go anywhere.

I think I’ve had the same $20 bill in my backpack for ten years… just in case…Image result for used backpack


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