25 Positive Affirmations for Work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the best ways to feel positive is to focus your energy on affirmations rather than complaints. It is easy to vent about the annoying blah blah blah at work. But it doesn’t make you happier or more relaxed. It turns from a momentary release into a stubborn, dwelling, sinking feeling. You end up spending a load of time discussing and analyzing negative experiences, which makes them seem longer and heavier. Then your whole day seems like it sucked when in actuality it was just dandy except for that one, ten minute experience.

As someone who knows the ease of complaining all too well, I figured I could take a moment to list some affirmations to make being positive easy too! Here are some great things to say to yourself or to others to brighten up the day:

  • Remember this morning when you… ? That was awesome.
  • You are so the expert at (timing the copier just right, getting rid of clutter, dealing with crazy customers, etc.)
  • Seriously, that idea is worth checking out.
  • Way to stay calm, cool, and collected when…
  • Today was rough, but you made it look easy.
  • I admire the way you… (remember everyone’s first names, bring in treats, always look classy, etc.)
  • I know wanted to Netflix (and chill?) all day but you came in and killed it.
  • Most people would have lost it, but you handled that well.
  • You always have the greatest beard/ties/bracelets/whatever.
  • You’re definitely the organized/funny/witty one around here.
  • Good job presenting in front of a tough crowd.
  • That meeting had to happen, but you made it a bit more interesting/fun/useful/efficient.
  • You’ve got to show me how to do that.
  • It’s pretty impressive that you said ‘good morning’ with a smile to everyone you saw on the way in.
  • I saw you hold the elevator/pick up those papers/offer tea to everyone. That was nice of you.
  • I like that your style is totally you.
  • Way to solve that problem everyone else just got mad about.
  • You were awesome today. You deserve a cupcake or something when you go home.
  • Your dedication/tenacity is appreciated.
  • What you add to our group dynamic is priceless./I’m glad you’re on my team.
  • They may not have noticed… but I did. You rock.
  • It didn’t work out, but it was a great idea.
  • I’m glad you had time to focus on … today.
  • I saw you organize and clean your space/clear your inbox/prioritize your things to do, I need to do that.
  • I love how you always have post-its/markers/red pens/whatever.

feel-goodOk, there are a bunch of easy and positive things to say at work. Once you say one, remember how great it felt or how someone reacted. Maybe they were grateful or surprised. Maybe they returned a compliment. Or maybe you simply rewarded yourself when no one else noticed how awesome you were being. Replay that in your head instead of someone’s negative comment or reaction or minor mishap that happened today.


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